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NovaCentris Partners for
Open innovation

In addition with the numerous partners holding their own section, the NovaCentris portal brings together the key partners in the Quebec and Canadian innovation network, providing our SMEs with the turnkey service needed to meet their technological challenges: the search for partners and solutions, coaching in the field of intellectual property, the development of collaborative projects, and orientation towards the most suitable sources of financing.


In October 2011, the RCTi merged with the ADRIQ and, in the process, became the branch of the ADRIQ providing direct coaching services to its SMEs. This new division brings together some 200 specialists committed to increasing the competitiveness of innovating SMEs through public and private consulting services adapted to their needs.


Through its business offices across the entire province, the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec provides assistance to businesses and communities as well as to the organizations that support them.


Through unique research and training programs, Mitacs is developing the next generation of innovators with vital scientific and business skills. In partnership with companies, government and academia, Mitacs is supporting a new economy using Canada’s most valuable resource – its people.


PRIMA QUÉBEC serves as a hub, initiating and leading collaboration and networking activities as well as financing training, the transfer of knowledge and the development of applications related to advanced materials.


The National Research Council-Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) is Canada's premier innovation assistance program for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is a vital component of the NRC, a cornerstone in Canada's innovation system, regarded world-wide as one of the best programs of its kind.


NSERC aims to make Canada a country of discoverers and innovators for the benefit of all Canadians. The agency supports university students in their advanced studies, promotes and supports discovery research, and fosters innovation by encouraging Canadian companies to participate and invest in postsecondary research projects. NSERC researchers are on the vanguard of science, building on Canada’s long tradition of scientific excellence.


Réseau Trans-tech brings together 46 college centers for technology transfer (CCTT) in Québec. It has more than 900 experts : technicians, engineers, professionals and researchers. Their mandate is to support companies and organizations in their innovation and productivity improvement projects mainly by applied research and technical support. Each CCTT covers an area of technology of its own. It is therefore more than 46 areas that are covered.


En mode solutions offers unique coaching expertise in the organization of open innovation and collaborative events and processes. The purpose of these events is to find solutions to technical and/or socio-economic problems. They can provide solutions applicable to all fields of activity.

Become a partner or create your own NovaCentris section? stephane.ruggeri@prima.ca

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