1 active challenges - 14 challenges
  • Saguenay / Lac-St-Jean
    Saguenay / Lac-St-Jean
    1 active challenges - 5 challenges
  • Défi Innovation Estrie
    Défi Innovation Estrie
    0 active challenges - 0 challenges
  • iNANO / NanoQuébec
    iNANO / NanoQuébec
    0 active challenges - 105 challenges
  • Inno-vé
    0 active challenges - 4 challenges
  • Appealed to all - Miscellaneous
    Appealed to all - Miscellaneous
    0 active challenges - 12 challenges
  • Innovation en Chimie
    Innovation en Chimie
    0 active challenges - 5 challenges
  • Innovation Polymères
    Innovation Polymères
    0 active challenges - 12 challenges
  • QSS - Mines Edition
    QSS - Mines Edition
    0 active challenges - 7 challenges
  • QSS - Health Edition
    QSS - Health Edition
    0 active challenges - 3 challenges
  • Gaspésie / Iles-de-la-Madeleine
    Gaspésie / Iles-de-la-Madeleine
    0 active challenges - 11 challenges
  • QSS - 2013 Edition
    QSS - 2013 Edition
    0 active challenges - 5 challenges
  • Canadian Space Agency
    Canadian Space Agency
    0 active challenges - 10 challenges

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