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Rondelle (washer) géant / Big washer

Challenge number : 81274 Opening Date : 2019-08-08
Status : Closed Closing Date : 2019-09-06


I am looking for a material suitable for a molding process. The resulting component has to be filled. The application is cost critical. All constraints must be met.
The mechanical description of the part is approximative but is precise enough to select a material.

Description of the challenge

The tickness should be between 49mm to 55mm (1.9" to 2.2"). The external wall has a slope. At the base, the external diameter should be around 160mm (6.3"). At the top, the external diameter should be around 150mm (5.9"). The internal diameter should be around 95mm (3.70"). So, the volume of required material should be between 590 to 660cm3 (36 to 40cube inches).


The dielectric constant (er = relative permittivity) has to be between 4.1 to 4.6 between 500MHz to 4GHz. It has to be stable on the frequency and temperature ranges.
The temperature range is from -40C to 85C.
At the minimum, the material must met the UL94-V-1. Supports of UL94-V-0, UL94-5VB or UL94-5VA is even better.
There is no mechanical constraints.
The material must be tolerant to liquids (contaminated water with salt,...)


For any additional information please contact

Pierre Gingras, ing.



<6 months

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