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Challenge number : 51231 Opening Date : 2022-06-14
Status : Closed Closing Date : 2022-11-14


We are a Quebec company and we buy several thousands of tons of absorbent minerals per year.

We are now looking for new and alternative suppliers of absorbing minerals, located closer to our plants near Montreal in Quebec.

Description of the challenge

Many different minerals with different functionalities and properties - high or low density, high or low clumping, but always with high absorption of liquids.

We are very opened to new possibilities, even if not mineral but vegetal, biomass, industrial residues (relatively clean - see constraints).


We need granulated, relatively dry (below 15% RH) absorbing minerals. Low heavy metals composition.

<6 months

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Contact us

Cloé Bouchard-Aubin, chimiste, MBA

Advisor, Technology and Innovation

514 632-2429

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