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Challenge number : 39389 Opening Date : 2023-04-05
Status : Closed Closing Date : 2023-09-15


We are a Quebec company that manufactures pet litter products and we buy several thousand tonnes of industrial minerals every year.

To support our great growth and thirst for innovation, we are looking for alternative materials, new, undervalued or residues from the circular economy.

Description of the challenge

Do you have undervalued materials or forest residues? Marine? Minerals/rocks? Mining? Agri-food? Nutraceuticals? Pharmaceutical? Chemicals?

We want to analyze them in our laboratory, and determine their potential use and performance in our innovative products!


We mainly look for granular or birch products (between 800-2000 µm), powders (500 µm and less) and low viscous liquids (less than 1000 cPs).

Ideally, these materials would be low humidity or drying (our ideal is less than 15%RH), non-putrescibles and low in heavy metals (mostly less than 20 ppm).

12 months

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Contact us

Cloé Bouchard-Aubin, chimiste, MBA

Advisor, Technology and Innovation

514 632-2429

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